Week 4

January 30th-February 5th

Reading 1                                                                                                                       
Classroom Audio Podcasting                                                                                                               
"Education in the twenty-first century should focus on the development of authentic literacy skills for students. Learning to read, write, listen, speak, critically analyze information and communicate ideas using a variety of modalities is vital for children of all ages. ...." (Fryer, Wesly). Read more
Reading 2                                                                                                                       
Using podcast in the EFL classroom                                                                                   
"Many of those teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL), when they learn about talk radio-style podcasts, feel instinctively that they must be a good idea, but perhaps only for advanced learners, as extended listening practice which can be done as homework.." (Fox, 2008). Read more                                      
Podcasting ELT                                                                                                              
 Developing students´ listening and speaking skills through ELT podcasts                    
Answer the following Quiz on the required Readings for this week.

Readings Week 4 » quiz
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  1. The second link has lots of great links, and the 'absolutely intercultural' podcast looks very interesting.

    1. Hey Sandy. Absolutely Intercultural's one of my favorites...And yes there are lots of links to explore and get inspiration for podcasts projects in the classroom.

    2. I liked Wesley Fryer's comments about Digital Storytelling. I think our students have wonderful stories to tell and this is one more way for them to express their stories creatively.

  2. Hi Sandy,
    I am glad you enjoyed reading this article. "Absolutely intercultural" is another example of good practice.

  3. In the last reading (the .pdf), RE: "Teachers can follow the simple procedure below to help their students produce their podcasts:
    - Create an account for the whole class with a free podcasting site (e.g., http://podomatic.com/);
    -Have class share the same username and password;"

    Question: can multiple/many people use the same podcasting login at the same time? If so, that is GREAT. I didn't know that would be possible.
    The idea of students creating podcasts sounds even more powerful than the teacher creating them, though, of course, teacher podcasts could be great.

  4. Hi Steve. In theory they should be able to do that provided they are using different PCs or laptops.

  5. Hello our dear teachers,
    as always, you give us so informative and educational materials to read. Thank you very much. I learnt that podcasting is broadly used in education and I strongly hope that teachers in my country will get a habit to use it more! :)
    I've just started informing my students about the great podcasting possibilities and we started to record some of their playing. Hope to record all of them till the end of semester.

    1. Hi, Maja!
      We are very pleased with your comment. Thank you! Podcasting definitively opens us multiple possibilities in the ELT classroom. It is amazing all what we can do. The limit? Our imagination! ;D I am really happy to know you already started using it with your students. Enjoy it, blog about the experience and have fun!

  6. Hi all, Again lots of practical ideas and links for finding podcasts (although some don't seem to work anymore- I guess it comes with the nature of business), which is great as I can now direct my students asking about ways to improve their listening skills outside the classroom to a variety of quality sites.

  7. Hi Z,

    Yes, unfortunately some links do not work, but most of them still do. And those which are still available as you wrote are fantastic for students to practice their listening skills.

  8. As usual, lots of great ideas and resources to digest in all three of this week's required readings. In particular, I thought Wes Fryer's Integrating Technology in the Classroom was very informative, and gives an excellent overview of the benefits of classroom podcasting.

    Absolutely Intercultural was also very interesting and I learned a lot from it.

    One very important thing that has struck me about podcasting is that it can play such a useful role in digital storytelling.

  9. It was nice to visit the actual Room 208 site this week online. It was well done by students. I have just completed an online course and many of the sites and authors mentioned in it were also referenced in the readings. I, too, like the idea of several referencing to the same site, as that would make it so easy for students to share their podcasts on a blog and other students to leave reflective comments. That could facilitate both writing and auditory skills.

  10. I love the bit about the pencil being technology from the 1500s! :) Very thought provoking, actually.